Tretinoin online: what's everyone excited about?

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Tretinoin (also branded as Retin-A) is a cream commonly prescribed by dermatologists that has many benefits.

· Acne: tretinoin helps treat and prevent acne, especially white heads and black heads that could otherwise turn into pimples

· Anti-aging: tretinoin helps even out pigmentation and smooth fine lines and wrinkles

· Tretinoin “glow”: many users of tretinoin will notice the “tretinoin glow,” which is just a fresh, rejuvenated brightness and clarity to their skin

Tretinoin is a prescription medicine, because if it is used incorrectly it can lead to significant redness and irritation. Dr Porto, a dermatologist in Boston, says that "redness and irritation are the most common side effects that I see with tretinoin. But if my patients are able to ease into the medicine and stick with it, they really start to see improvement around the six week mark."

It is also important to never use this cream during pregnancy or when breast feeding. You also want to make sure you are avoid time in the sun and are wearing sunscreen every day (at least SPF 30). Tretinoin comes in several strengths, and your dermatologist can help determine which is the right match for you.

You use tretinoin by first washing your face with a gentle wash before bed. Then, you apply a pea-sized amount of the cream to your whole face each night. If you get redness or irritation, dermatologists typically recommend to take a few days off so your skin can settle down. Then, you can ease back into the cream.

It take a couple months to notice results, and the results will continue to improve for as long as you use the cream.

Because this medicine has important side effects, it should only be prescribed by board-certified dermatologists. In the past, you had to see a dermatologist in person to get this prescription. With the power of telemedicine, top dermatologists are now available via services like ours which enable you to complete you tretinoin consult in minutes and have it shipped to your door. Our service is committed to only using board-certified dermatologists and credentialed US pharmacies for authentic tretinoin online.


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